How To Become A Data Scientist?

People produce a lot of data on an everyday basis, in fact, it is estimated that around 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are generated daily. Just like a lot of data is extracted every day, we use the majority of it for different purposes. To maintain the flow of data and to ensure it is used judiciously, we also need a greater number of professionals to handle big data. Data science is not just used in big organizations only as it is now applied in various sectors across the IT world. Data analytics has become really crucial for modern businesses. Here is why you should pursue a career in data science:

  • The field is expected to grow by 16% in the next decade and new jobs are added regularly
  • A data scientist can easily earn $108,224 with a little experience
  • The demand for data scientists is rising with very less professionals to fill it
  • We will gather around 40 zettabytes of data this year that would require a lot of professionals to handle and analyze

What is data science?

It is a field that focuses on handling data and databases. Data drives the world these days and so data science is important to store, interpret, convert, and analyze it. To accomplish this task, a programmer needs to complete data science training in California to learn how to use different tools to organize the data collected. The process does not end at analysis as there is a data mining technique that helps companies look for ways to improve their products.

Duties of data scientists

The foremost function of a data scientist is to manage and create databases. The process of sorting data involves the usage of coding languages such as python and scala to build different software programs. Data scientists also help automate a range of mundane tasks that involves a lot of data manipulation. This profession is in huge demand as a lot of companies hire them to streamline and transition the available data and perform various tasks.

Professionals who complete data science bootcamps in California or anywhere in the US can enter this field as:

Data analysts: they are not the same as data scientists as their main responsibility is to analyze data. They use a lot of similar technology and methods but the application differs at ground level.

Data engineer: To become a data engineer, one needs to have a considerable amount of experience as a data scientist. Data engineers are responsible for creating software, tools, code, infrastructure that is used by data scientists and analysts every day. They should possess a good understanding of APIs as well.

How to become a data scientist?

If managing data on a regular basis and applying the findings for developing innovative technologies is something that excites you then you can begin your journey in this field through a data science agency in California. Data science bootcamps are intensive career education programs that help students gain specialized skills to begin a career in this field. They teach practical concepts and then help gather real-world experience. A College degree and self-study are other options but the former is time taking and the latter is slow and is prone to significant gaps in knowledge.

If you are looking for the best data science bootcamp then you should sign up with SynergisticIT. Have some basic knowledge of statistics, mathematics, and python if you want to speed up your learning process. Experience top-notch training from leading industry experts and learn the best tools and techniques involved in data science. You can learn various skills like ML algorithms, web scraping, data visualization, and manipulation, etc, and gain a competitive edge over your counterparts.

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